Over the years Denise has designed and painted several large murals, for public auditoriums, and theater stages as well as private murals in residences in New York and New Jersey.

Three dimensional mural at the Mariaplois Luminosa Auditorium.
Oil and mixed media.
Approximately 15 feet by 34 feet. Painted in 2000

From a private residence in New Jersey. Painted in 2002
Other projects and activities over the years include:

* Coordinator of "Artists for a United World". A traveling benefit art exhibition since 1985. The exhibit shows work from over fifty artists from all over the United States, including: Robert Dash, Elaine de Kooning, Wilem de Kooning, Jane Freilicher, Daragh Park, and Fairfield Porter.

* Numerous presentations given at professional art seminars and college lectures on 'Art and Spirituality' and 'the Vocation and Social Responsibility of the Artist'